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pAy AttEntion on sth

pay attention to the teacher 注意老师说话。 pay attention to what they are doing.注意看他们做的。 It should be to 'focus on doing sth.'If we use ...


没有,有pay attention to这个知识,表示注意,to后面跟名词或词

只有pay attention to没有pay attention on somebody's attention is on somebody/something My attention wasn't really on the game. pay attention (to somebody/something) She tried to pay attention to what he was saying. 另外你也可以...

pay attention to , to 为介词,希望对你有帮助

pay attention to and draw attention to的区别: pay attention to:注意。 draw attention to:促使...注意(引起对...的注意)。两者意思就不同,翻译不同。 例句: 1、you must pay attention to your study 你必须专心学习。 2、I hope you w...

pay attention to

还是有一定区别的 payattentionto是需要注意的人的动作,而fixone'sattention/eyeson是想要别人注意的人的动作,比如A想要B注意sth.,那么对B来说就是payattentiontosth.,对A来说就是fixB'sattention/eyesonsth.

pay attention to place importance on注意 Please pay attention to the use of this word.请注意这个词的用法。 Economists are paying close attention to the latest developments in the Middle East.经济学家们正密切注视着中东的最新发...

意思不一样。 attention: n. 注意力;关心;立正!(口令) pay attention to:注意;重视 例句:In doing our work, we must pay attention to ways and means. 做工作应注意方式方法。

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